Here are the things that I’m currently working on. You never know which one sees the light of the day.



Two Digit Less Love

Meet Aniq the main character of the story, he thinks he falls in love with Raya Goswami whom he sees on a train.
For months, he searches the girl and later he gets to meet the girl at a club in Mumbai. He does something really weird that the girl has to give her number written on a square piece of paper. The perfectly square piece that he thought was gonna perfectly shape his life. But something unusual happens and the perfectly square piece of paper with Raya’s number on it gets damaged and two digits from the number go missing.
Then follows a long story what happens next and how he ends up calling a girl name Raya (not Goswami) I.e. *another girl with the same name* Aniq, however, had the idea that she was not the Raya he was finding but this Raya *the new one* is far more beautiful than the previous one, of course after that, things fall into place and they both start dating each other.
But, will this be a perfect relationship?
Will the new Raya ever know about this?
What happens if she learns about this incident?
What if she never knows? Will this secret be a secret?
Get ready to dive into the lives of the two beautiful characters and into the city of Bollywood, Meet the Salman Khan Fan. The e-book is releasing this mid 2017.



pritam banikk, banikk
My Dad Says He Could Be a Doctor If…
The sound of the American Visa stamp on your passport maybe the best that you can hear, but for me, the sound of the Bangladesh visa stamp on my passport seemed a sound more soothing.
After around thirty-five years, a father is taking his son to a country that he had choose to escape during the Hindu-Muslim riots.
Today, I’m at the juncture, stepping into the land of my ancestors.
This is the line that has been dividing India and Bangladesh over the past hundred years or so. And this is the first time, I’m stepping into the other part of the story, with a feeling of joy, want, fear, and nostalgia. I’m curious to meet the character of the small tales that I’ve heard during my childhood days from my father.
The first step on the land runs a chill down my spines and it hits me with a strange feeling. I reach out for my father’s hand, the warmth convinces me to walk with him, towards his past.
Bangladesh welcomes me.
This is set to be published by the end of 2020.



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