Vision India 2020

I had shared this post on Facebook last December to tell my friends that the temporary problems between India and Pakistan should not be disrupt them from the vision of India 2020 as dreamt by Dr. Kalam Way back when Dr. Kalam had ignited our minds and gave us the Vision of INDIA 2020 -... Continue Reading →

I’m afraid if I’ll ever be able to ask these questions to anyone but myself. 

I'm depressed. I'm not sure.  I don't understand why my mom put me down that day and never picked me up again. I try to ask her but she might never be able to tell me the reason, I'm afraid she will just laugh it away. Sometimes I try to ask my dad, why he... Continue Reading →

Thoughts out of the blue

I just met Nabby few hours ago, he's a new born baby, with a pinkish face and just like me- he likes to sleep all day.  We had a little talk and he seemed too active to jump into his life, he says that he wants to grow up fast and wants to explore the... Continue Reading →

Questions worth realising

Do you ever notice that when you miss her, your hand crawls up to your cell phone and searches for her profile- automatically? Do you ever notice that when you're with your friends who aren't single, you wish you were the same?  Do you ever feel that you need the 2 am  friend, the 3... Continue Reading →

The curious night.

It's been a twelve-hour long journey from Kolkata to Siliguri, and now that I've reached my hometown a night before my high school's 50-year golden jubilee celebration, I can no longer hold the excitement of entering the school campus after almost a year. Maybe, the same time last year I was sitting in the shed... Continue Reading →

Why I chose to write?

Three years down the lane, I hated writing. But then one day, someone from the other side of the world told me story. A story where two stories meet. And the he asked me if I liked his three stories. I was confused. ‘When did i hear the other two?’ to which he replied, ‘every... Continue Reading →

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