Breaking hearts to breaking bones

I don’t know what’s the notion of crush to this young generation, but for me, she is the only one that comes to my mind. Every time that I see her pictures, I can’t help myself but pause and ponder "How can someone be so beautiful !" That picture of her in black dress on... Continue Reading →


To my alter ego’s valentine

I've moved on, but the other me hasn't or couldn't; maybe. I asked him the reason. And he says, " Nothing matches her voice, Nothing I see is as beautiful as her eyes, Nothing synchronises her stupidness, And nothing comprehends her absense."

For winners: there’s the world

Like a cigarette- it's killing me everyday; the one sided attraction. Like a memory- it's haunting me everyday; the first love affair. Like a tree- it's growing everyday; the longing for her. Love's a game, don't fall for it. For losers: there's no place to live but words. For winners: there's the world.

Questions worth realising

Do you ever notice that when you miss her, your hand crawls up to your cell phone and searches for her profile- automatically? Do you ever notice that when you're with your friends who aren't single, you wish you were the same?  Do you ever feel that you need the 2 am  friend, the 3... Continue Reading →

The curious night.

It's been a twelve-hour long journey from Kolkata to Siliguri, and now that I've reached my hometown a night before my high school's 50-year golden jubilee celebration, I can no longer hold the excitement of entering the school campus after almost a year. Maybe, the same time last year I was sitting in the shed... Continue Reading →

I speak ill for my country.

Remember that day when we used to get tidy up in the morning and attend the Republic day ceremony in our schools? Today is the same, 26th of January, and maybe things are not the same anymore. I still feel the strong pride for my country but those innocent thoughts of a child are no... Continue Reading →

The Book Of Life

To the best I can recall, in those days, ‘he’ often referred to THE BOOK OF LIFE. And unlike the smart kids of this era, I was a little different, with my tiny brain and a very little strength to grab what he referred to, did not register. Now when I think of them, I... Continue Reading →

Best of a thought…

What if I’d climb up the highest place on earth to say I love You? What if I’d swim the impossible and prove the best of my dedication loves the best of your smile. What if I’d travel all the way from the north to the south and say the best of my patience loves... Continue Reading →

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