Childhood and Marigold flowers.

When I was a little kid and something would bother me or upset me like my brother not letting me play games on his PC or my mom not letting me go out, I'd go to our front yard where we had this beautiful garden filled with Marigold flowers and I'd cry to myself in... Continue Reading →

“Saugandh Ram Ki Khaatein Hain Mandir Wohi Banayenge”.

December 6th 1992. "Saugandh Ram Ki Khaatein Hain Mandir Wohi Banayenge". ~ L.K Advani said to a crowd and it broke into applause. Today it marks the 26th year of the demolition of the Babri Masjid and it is both terrifying and saddening that not a single person from the demolition was punished. How placing... Continue Reading →

Nobody should be lost

I'm a rare traveller, but for the last couple of months I've taken up transversing frequently between the stations of Kolkata and Siliguri. I've always learnt that a coin has two sides, and history has it whenever someone tried to judge the value of a coin without reading both the sides, the value would turn... Continue Reading →

Death or Dignity

I've known a wounded lion and this is his life story, not a cliche Bollywood tale. What I'm trying to write is not inspired from the 90's films where the protagonist is the son of a gangster who falls in love with his father's enemy's daughter after returning to the country. This is about the... Continue Reading →

Nighty night. 

To the world that sleeps, To the sun that stares, To the river that flows, To the moon that reflects, To the heart that confines eternal love, To the bed bugs that bite,  I'm heading over to sleep, goodnight! 😂

I speak ill for my country.

Remember that day when we used to get tidy up in the morning and attend the Republic day ceremony in our schools? Today is the same, 26th of January, and maybe things are not the same anymore. I still feel the strong pride for my country but those innocent thoughts of a child are no... Continue Reading →

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