2020 Ends… WHAT A YEAR!!

It is the last day of the year when I look back at things and write a letter to myself.

These letters will probably help me reminisce my ambitions, aspirations, disappointments, and if anything but disillusionments in the last Decembers of my life.

It will not be hard to remember what the new decade of the ’20s brought with it. The world was suffering through unprecedented times, and so was my year.

This decade started with a sudden plan to the Buxa tiger reserve with a few close college friends.

It was early February in the middle of the wild forest in a small bungalow. I don’t think any of us will ever forget the long trekking to the mountain top, the elephant chase because we entered a restricted zone, the taste of the tandoori chicken, and the 32 egg omelet, amongst other things.

March was fun, I attended my cousin brother’s wedding wearing the weirdest of clothes.

And the things that followed past march were unparalleled, unforeseeable, and personally exhausting and mundane. Losing a close family to the global pandemic and the stress of quarantine had taken a toll on me. The later months were quite a relief though.

It is interesting that since the lockdown my life has drifted much into the rural space. Now, I take active participation in managing my dad’s tea estates where I’m learning a lot about the cultivation and business.

Recently, I’ve been trying to build a farm on sustainable Aquaculture that can produce tons of organic fishes economically and in an environment-friendly way. The experiments are running and hopefully, by the next quarter, I will have the farm set up.

This year Durga Pujo was NIL for me. I didn’t go out. It felt weird but also sensible. And from the food perspective, everyone at our house had a ball. My ‘Middle Wala Dada’ cooked us everything from Mughal to Italian Cuisine. I don’t think I can remember those sophisticated names. Although, I remember the different Biryanis: Hyderabadi Kacchi biryani, Hyderabadi Pakki biryani, Malabar biryani, Awadhi, the Calcutta Special Alu Biryani and so many more…

My thoughts on law and order were plenty and were tough to be held within me so, I wrote plenty of blogs that were read widely. So, that would be an achievement I suppose.

Law still interests me and I have got a year left in college before I graduate. The college was called off after March.

Some interesting books that I read this year were
1. Letters to a law student
2. Before Memory fades
3. May it please your honor

Lastly, I’d like to thank my eyes for the stress it took that I had to get a pair of glasses. I believe a lot of credit for this goes to me for sticking to my mobile phone screen all day.

There has been a remarkable change in the age of my parents and I can feel the growing responsibility.

To capsulate, 2020 was year of togetherness but also parting with your loved ones, enjoying the simplest things in life, the start of online classes, and lessons that we would have never learned without this global outrage.

Ug. Also, 2020 was a year of haircuts at home.

Before this letter turns into a novel, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and lots of good health. Hold tight… We have better days to come.

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