Annual Letter 2019: A decade of consciousness

It is that day of the year when I look back at things that I did in the last 364 days and write a letter to myself. This time it is also the end of a decade so this one should be pretty long.

What did I do this year?

First things first. My hair was long and I looked ugly. That’s what they said and I finally took the hair cut after over a year.

I graduated with Marketing Hons. Oh, here’s a little story about my previous college in Kolkata, HERAMBA CHANDRA COLLEGE.
I was sort of indifferent to that city, its lifestyle and its people. I didn’t know how it would be but I decided to try myself.

It was my first day of college and I was pushing through the crowd to get inside. Everyone was quite puzzled and confused as much as I were and with a lot of asking I had figured my classroom…I was walking up the staircase and I saw her. By the look of her, I could say she was a typical resident of Kolkata. She wore chappals on her first day in college. Her jeans were folded at the bottom. Eyes deep black. And a smile: unforgettable. She asked me if I knew her room and I noded. I asked her to follow me. She wanted to talk to me but she was struggling to find ways. The Bell rang and as we were on our way to the exit.
“Excuse me?” She asked.
“Me?” I said.
“Bengali class ta kothaye?” (Where’s the Bengali classroom)
I didn’t know. I told her I don’t have Bengali. She smiled and I left.
Later, I received a friend request on Facebook and we were talking all day. No, I am not and never was in love with this girl. We grew up to be friends and later turned out to be strangers. Things didn’t work out. Maybe she’s reading this. Maybe not. But the point is I remember that day and I thought it should be in my ‘decade end letter’.

College is now over. Why does it ever have to end? The last three years of my college in Kolkata was an inexpressible experience. I have made amazing friends there. I had the ball of my life. This year in May I came back to Siliguri after completing my Graduation. I’m currently studying Law at the Indian Institute of Legal Studies.

What about the New college life?
I’m actually enjoying this college and I have made some new friends here. The Fresher’s Party was like ohhhh myyy goddddd!!!! Yeah thanks. We’re not going into many details here *winks*


What else did I do?

Published a book. Wrote blogs. Traded in shares, commodities, currencies. Built several Websites. Broken a few hearts. Met a lot of people on tinder. Got drunk at a party. I also bought myself a bike. I think the earth is round. Bitcoins have no real value. Gold is becoming expensive. Love is impossible to find. And onions are beyond reach.

To sum it all up, It was an overwhelming journey, all these years I was living a luxurious life under the shelter of my parents. But time has arrived that I should take the reigns of my life into my hands and ride ahead. There were moments when I wept, times when I had sleepless nights but also beautiful rejoicing days. The past 20 years of my life have a deep imprint on who I am today.

The several books that I read, the people that I met and the grief that I suffered, all have a deep impact on me and it all shaped me.

I dedicate this piece of my heart to my friends and family, and to every other person that has ever met me. You have made me and you define me.
I wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year 2020. May this year and this new decade bring all the happiness, love and good health to you.


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