My 2018 summary.

Another year has come to an end.
It has been an overwhelming 2018.
It is that day of the year when I look back at things that I did in the last 364 days and write a letter to myself.
To start with it has always been a checkbox as to the things that I was committed doing in the year 2018.

Well, I did tick off a few things from my last letter. I learnt the basics of marketing and value investing though this is only the start.
I tried to wake up at 7 in the morning and did to be honest succeed quite a few times this year.

I tried being an extrovert and I visited the crowds that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Also, I did figure out my career as to what I aspire to be in the next say five years. I think I want to be a Corporate lawyer. The field of law is luring me and I have committed to a professional course (Company secretary) and I love reading the Companies Act, 2013 and other related laws to my stream. At the moment I’m preparing for my executive level examinations and on the other hand, I’m just a few months away from being a Marketing hons. Graduate.
It is curious to think what in future lies ahead.

On the personal front, I think I don’t have a lot of friends. Just a few maybe. Again this year I’ve lost contacts with a lot of people and on the other hand, I also made a couple of new friends. So to everybody, what’s up?
This year I don’t think I had much of health problems unlike the previous year ( I don’t know how as I’m too fragile) but that’s a good thing to be alive and in good health.

That’s all for the year 2018.

For 2019, my New Year Resolution would be to-

* Master the Companies Act, 2013.
• Read at least five books.
• visit a new city.
• socialise with people.
• not bunk tuitions.
• Wake up early (AGAIN!)

To conclude that was the summary and the last thing that I learnt this year was to evaluate situations and make decisions on the basis of a toss;

Heads: I win, tails: I don’t lose much.

Wishing everybody a Happy New Year, 2019. May the god of health and wealth be with you. And you have a prosperous new year ahead!

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