“Saugandh Ram Ki Khaatein Hain Mandir Wohi Banayenge”.

December 6th 1992.
“Saugandh Ram Ki Khaatein Hain Mandir Wohi Banayenge”. ~ L.K Advani said to a crowd and it broke into applause.
Today it marks the 26th year of the demolition of the Babri Masjid and it is both terrifying and saddening that not a single person from the demolition was punished. How placing a random Idol into the Masjid started a war and divided a secular country otherwise and how this frivolous topic was put to fire to earn vote bank by the politicians of the country.
Thousands of people were killed, with the majority being innocent who had nothing to do with either politics or the communal tension. Properties including historic places were destroyed.
This is not an article written to speak the action of the Hindus or the Muslims but the politician that took an active effort during the timeline of the protest.
Today, we are a second world country, with technology and an open world economy, we ought to understand that these communal issues can only break us rather than to hold us together. We are the generation that is going to see humans on Mars, science better than before and endless possibilities of life ahead.
What are we doing?
Being an Indian I condemn this action of divide and rule and I promise my vote will never arrive at the shores of the political party whose agenda lists anything that relates to either construction of a Mandir or Masjid at Ayodhya.

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