My 2017 summary

Hey there,
I’m gonna talk about how this year went and what I’m looking forward to in the coming year.
So this year it started with a boom. I lost a couple of friends..actually most of them. I’m not sure if that happened because of me or just that is the way things work at this age. To all my friends who haven’t heard from me in a while: What’s up ?
I gave my first university exam, well tried to cheat too but couldn’t; I guess. But hopefully, I’m expecting some positive results. (Someone from my family might just be reading this, so yeah!)
In the month of June or so I stepped into investing and learning about blockchain technologies and companies around the globe. And as it turns out it was the best sphere to have stepped into. I have to admit I love the music of the candlesticks and the graphs make when I see them. I’m curious where this tech revolution of the 20’s is taking me.
The best thing that ever happened to me this year was Ruhi, she’s my nine-month little niece. She was born this year on the 8th March and I cannot explain how much I love her, she means the world to me and all my social profiles are flooded with her cute pictures. And I will continue to flood it until she learns to talk and asks me to stop it.
Also, In the month of August, I authored my first book, Two Digit Less love. It was pretty good an experience from my perspective. But I realized the content of the book or the language does not match with any other professional print and that was a bad decision to publish it. Don’t call me an Author, you get it? People learn from their mistakes, so did I.
The last few months of the year didn’t go quite well on my health. I’m still trying to figure my way back to normal.
And a lot of things good and not-so-good happened but just let’s just say life goes on…
My new year resolution would be to wake up every day at seven in the morning. I so wish this succeeds this time. Not too much to ask.
I’m looking forward to learn more about marketing, and mastering the ancient techniques of Japanese candlesticks, practice being an extrovert, and figuring my career out (constant every year).
It’s finally the day to call off 2017. I wish you a very prosperous Happy New Year 2018. may the god of wealth and health be with you.

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