A coin in Good faith!

For readers outside India:

Eunuchs have a different lifestyle in India and is basically consider abnormal. They are not given the opportunities that any other normal person enjoys. Although, it’s a superstitious belief that their blessings are good and really work.

But things are changing slowly, it should take another century before we stop differentiating them!

It was a beautiful morning partly because I don’t see too many and partly because this thing happened.

Legs folded, sitting up straight on the lower berth, peeking through the window and merely talking to the wind- I heard a distasteful voice that I have always hated.

Hated because they demand money and not ask. They don’t beg, they compel me to pay.

Every individual who has at least travelled with the Indian railways has experienced this.

An eunuch (more popularly known as hizra) person approached me, she was kinda pretty, and sweet to be true. She had humour on her tounge, make up on her face and a lot of money on her side bag.

She clapped her hand and that weird sound made made me skip a beat, I ignored her at first. She came forward and asked for money. I was still looking outside, trying my best to ignore her!

“Come on, fast!” she said.

“I don’t have money” I said.

“Fast… Fast…”

“I don’t have…” I put up a blank face.

“What do you mean by ‘I don’t have’?”

“You borrow money from me and then pay me” she said.

“I’m sorry? Whaaaat?”

”Yeah, take it! How much do you want? 500… 1000? 2000?” She said humourously.

“Okay… 2000 it is” I said, thinking she wouldn’t give and walk away!

I did not know what was coming, she searched her bag and pulled out a 2000 rupees note and almost placed it on my hand.

”Wait…wai… I was just kidding, I don’t need that money” I said as fast as I could.

“No, please take! I don’t have any problem giving you the money, we might not be normal but…”

“I seriously do not have any money” I cut her short and showed her my pockets.

How would she know my wallet’s on my bag? I thought to myself.

My friend sitting next to me took out a 10 rupee note and I gave it to her.

I thought I had picked up a fight but she was still smiling… She was sweet as I mentioned a little ago.

She took out a coin and said something to it, bit it with her teeth and placed it right on my palm.

”You will keep this forever and I bless you will never run short of money” she said.

I nodded unwillingly.

“Promise me, you will not give away this” she said.

“I promise” I smiled back at her.

She put her hand on my head and blessed me before she walked away.

I don’t know if I’m a person that believes in the existence of God or in any superstition. But I will keep that coin for the rest of my life because she had given me in good faith and I made a promise to her.

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