Thoughts out of the blue

I just met Nabby few hours ago, he’s a new born baby, with a pinkish face and just like me- he likes to sleep all day. 

We had a little talk and he seemed too active to jump into his life, he says that he wants to grow up fast and wants to explore the world, he wants to go to a school and make new friends. 

‘And I want to learn new things in college’ he said. 

‘And I want to experience the beautiful places of the world, travel all the way from the tip to the bottom of the globe, feel the snow and also the drizzle – I want to learn the climate’ he added with a smile and lot of expectations.

‘And then find a beautiful girl to settle with- I’m going to love her for the rest of my life’ was the last thing I remember him say before he dozed off to sleep; he sleeps a lot. 

I did not have the courage to wake him up from his dreams and expectations to tell him that the world that he wants to see is not the like that he is expecting; the people are no more good and nor they have a beautiful heart anymore. 

The college that he is awaiting to go to, no more teaches lessons, but is only a business place now. 

The climate that he wants to feel is more polluted than pure.

The love that he is awaiting to recieve is not so easy to find. 

I need to tell him that his want to grow up will be his worst wish; but I cannot break his expectations, for he may stop trying. I fear he may look at the world from my perspective and that could prevent him from discovering new arenas of life and love. 

I’m not sure, if I’m jealous. This little kid, will live into the world when I’ll not be here. He will be able to use the technologies that I or my generation might have never thought would exist. He might have access to the time machine and will be able to travel back and forth in time; which I cannot. He will experience the world, which I might never step into saddens me; I want to live on.

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