Similarities of extraordinary power

Lately this month my brother bought me a book, The Unusual Billionaires, which read about investing in fifteen different Indian companies, of various sectors of the economy, solely because of the reasons as such the companies have succeeded in creating their respective moats, deep and wide and could give back enormous benefits to its investors. Each of the fifteen stories had all different promoters, and each of the companies that I read about was created for a purpose, but they all had something in common. They all had a strong management team and extraordinary tactics that won them their share of the market. One of the stories that I read was about, Asian paints, whose promoters after a while decided to hand over the top management of the organisation to the newly recruited persons from Indian Institute of Management and gave them complete freedom to run the business without interfering; this is when they saw a steady growth in their business and this was a turning point for Asian paints. Something that I noticed was every company who stands high on the charts of business today, sooner or later adapted itself to professional management. The other things that I noticed were the book talking about acquisitions- one firm buying another, companies challenging each other and their fierce competition to win over market share.
It was maybe the third book of this genre that I read.

I did not know I’d discover something after reading the next book, that would make me think to so much so as to sit down and write a blog.

While I was returning from college, my eyes rested on a book, standing tall and bold on one the book stalls, the title compelled me to stop and retract my steps to the stall and buy the book at once, without negotiating a penny. I have had never bought a novel from the local bookstores. It was a sort of biography and the aura of the person was such that I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. The cover of the book read, Dongri to Dubai, and it had Dawood Ibrahim’s photo on it. This was also the first time I had my hands on the genre of underworld tale.

As soon as I reached home, I started reading the book without wasting a moment. The book read about the bloodshed tale of the underworld don, The Dawood Ibrahim, who rose from Dongri, a small place in Mumbai to the world’s most wanted criminals list. His unrequited story from a son of a loyal head constable at the Crime Investigation department to a mastermind, sitting with a remote in his den and controlling several countries with just his name.

After reading the book, I drew a very strange connection between the two books, though both were of totally different genres, they had everything in common apart from the legality of how work was done.

Here, Dawood was doing the same things that the professional managers were doing at their respective businesses, they were both marketing their brands to their consumers, one took the legal way the other took it to terrorising the government. One did it’s best efforts to sell its goods, and the other did it’s best to smuggle goods. Here the companies joined hands with other friendly companies to widen their opportunities and strengthen their distribution networks, the other joined hands with his allies to add muscles to its gang.

There I read about companies acquiring other companies, here I read about Dawood acquiring other gangs. The concept of both the things was the same, ditto but the terms used were different. And one thing that I could clearly see was both wanted the same thing- the maximum market share, and a creation of a moat that nobody could ever dare to exploit. Brands have their value and respect whereas the underworld manager’s ( if so I can tell) have their fearful identity. The managers of business sit at their offices and manage the business of their hundreds of factories and production units and labours and surprisingly Dawood does the same, sitting in his den and throws command at his subordinates and rule several countries.

It was Dawood’s powerful and tactful management that made him take his D company to where it is today and acquire billions of dollars of wealth.


This is not an article to glorify a criminal but a substantial proof of what a person can achieve with the help of effective and tactful management and also tells us that how strong managers can take over the world and rule the very industry it is used in, be it underworld or a business organisation.

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