The curious night.

It’s been a twelve-hour long journey from Kolkata to Siliguri, and now that I’ve reached my hometown a night before my high school’s 50-year golden jubilee celebration, I can no longer hold the excitement of entering the school campus after almost a year.

Maybe, the same time last year I was sitting in the shed on our campus with a couple of my classmates and discussion what life would be a year after. And now I’m all alone, under the blanket, trying to write what life was a year back.

I’ve never thought what life would be without a school uniform, without those teachers in school who I’ve hated-always. I remember those days when we mass-bunked our classes and our administrator sir had asked us to stay back after the assembly and then he had told us,”the school’s management decides it’s working days and not you guys.” That is the exact thing I remember him say. We were all punished in the basketball court and he had taught us how it feels to be punished in front of the whole school being the senior most class. And of course, I remember those middle school kids giggle away looking at us. Those were the best days of my life – not sure, for I haven’t lived all of it but people say, school days are the best days of your life. I’m sure they wouldn’t lie.

Life was running too fast then and I never noticed this until twelve years went by. Until I had twelve class teachers. Until the school stopped two parents call a session. Until today– until today I never realised when my school going days changed to college days when the uniform changed to casuals and when the everyday visit to the touch of the hills was forgotten. I’m quite perplexed thinking that since the last twelve years I was going to school, every morning at 8 AM sharp and all of a sudden one day, I wake up and they say me, school days are over?

I’m curious to meet those little friends.

The teachers and the few group D staffs.

I’m curious to step into the school, and hear the administrator speak, see the principal smile and the audience clap.

I’m curious to be here.


Any suggestions or complaints should be addressed via the comments section and not word of mouth, for I cannot hear what you and your friends discuss. Thank you!

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