The Book Of Life

To the best I can recall, in those days, ‘he’ often referred to THE BOOK OF LIFE. And unlike the smart kids of this era, I was a little different, with my tiny brain and a very little strength to grab what he referred to, did not register. Now when I think of them, I understand, he had referred to that imaginary book that we all write, Yes we all are writing a book, we all are writers. Every day we do something good or say bad, the book of ours, the book of life gets printed in itself, we don’t even need to think about it. Every happy and sad moment we live is written on that book automatically. As life goes on, the book goes on filling itself, as pages complete, your tenure completes, as the book will end, our lives will end, one day. And that day when our book will end, we will be able to read those sweet and sour quotes of ours, from every happy and sad and tragic and beautiful moments we’ve lived. People will read our book, be it a bad story or a good story, weather it has humor or hard hitting truth. With every read you will inspire people.
So we’ve to make sure, we write something, that is a worth a read, and make sure we write something that keeps the legacy of writing books going.
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