Why I chose to write?

Three years down the lane, I hated writing. But then one day, someone from the other side of the world told me story. A story where two stories meet. And the he asked me if I liked his three stories. I was confused. ‘When did i hear the other two?’ to which he replied, ‘every story is not just a story, It’s an amalgamation of several tales, several life changing moments, and several characters.’ the thing that he tried explaining to me did not register. But somewhere in my sub-conscious mind, the word ‘amalgamation’ had hit me. I asked to myself, what if I try writing a story where different stories will meet? from all different perspectives. Where will I reach?

I tried. Today, after two years, I’ve reached somewhere close to discovering what I can do in life. Not write stories but inspire people around the globe. I’ve learned the power of vocabulary, I’ve recognized the power of the language. I’ve reached the threshold in life where I need to decide the road to travel. And I know once I choose the wrong road, I’ll be lost. And once I’m lost, I’ll be lost forever, for life and love does not give a second chance.

I do not want to calculate the opportunity cost for the rest of my life- the cost of foregoing the second best alternative. I want to reach my destination without settling for any less.

Since the last time a word has hit me, I’ve come so far. I want another such episode in life that gets me to the cycle, with which I can reach the destination, hitting the pedals.

Why a cycle?

Because life does not give you an automated car or a bike. It is only you who has to hit the pedals and sweat till you reach that throne; your destination.

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