Why is she so the same and yet so the incomparable?

I’m stalking her profile today,after years, and after a long time I’ve noticed her eyes again. She has beautiful eyes, and I’m sure every other girl has it. But why is she so different from every other girl? Every girl has her past, But why am I her past? I don’t know where we went wrong or why I still miss her every single day. At this point of time, I’m just her friend. Maybe a ‘Facebook friend’ sounds more appropriate.

And I still love her, I think, I miss her. If a hundred people shout together, I can still recognize her voice. Today, I know her, and she knows me too, but there’s something between us that makes us not know each other. I’m sure she must be doing well in life and I’m waiting for myself to do well in life too but there’s something that still haunts me, it’s not the memories of us but memories of her. Tomorrow I can be the most successful guy and marry the most beautiful girl on this planet but there’s something in her that’ll always make me think of her, every moment. My story will always have her but I’ll be always be ‘just a page’ in her book. I wish we could write our story again, changing the climax where we went wrong.

Why is she so the same and yet so the incomparable?


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