A Childhood Dream

Being from a over-caring family who always turn down my request of going on a trek or to the hills with friends in my childhood, I always wanted to sleep inside a tent, cook my own food in the jungle and just watch the blue sky till it gets dark. One day, I and a couple of friends found out that we’ve a big farmhouse type house in our neighbourhood, and that had a big jungle, broken rooms and bricks all over, and two small huts where maybe two guys lived at night. Now that we had a jungle, and a lot of snakes and insects and other lovely creatures around and also a beautiful place to tent, why not?

“It’ll be a picnic tomorrow” I said.

“And where do we cook?” the other guy asked.

“Everyone should bring something at least from their homes, we’ll collectively have a lot of things to eat” suggested the third guy.

And we planned to have our first tent of our lives there, we were not more then ten to twelve years and we didn’t know anything about tents, all we knew was that jungles have deadly snakes. We four worked the whole day and gathered all the necessary things needed for a tent, the sticks, the cloth, the ropes, the fourth guy was a master in it, he pulled up the tent single handedly and by the time it was already dark and it felt awesome entering the tent for the first time and just then I heard ma’s voice, she was searching for me.. We hurriedly closed the tent and I climbed the wall towards the road to reach my house.

“It’s already dark, where were you?” ma said.

“Just there in my friends house ma” I said as I went to the bathroom to wash my feet and go for tuition.

The Other day we four Friends, totally excited reached our picnic spot and we all showed each other what we could bring. I had brought two packet of potato chips, the second guy had brought fried puffed rice and the third guy had brought some fruits maybe, And what the fourth guy had brought was really disappointing. He showed us a tiffin box, we were really exited to see what’s inside. The second guy opened the Tiffin box and saw a bunch of Marie biscuits.

“What did you bring?” he asked.



“Marie biscuits!!??”

“Yeah” he smiled.

“No! Bring some other thing! Who eats these biscuits??” he said.

And then considering the fact that ‘Marie biscuits’ was the worst and cheapest biscuit, they fought for a few minutes and later we all settled. Had fun the whole day inside the tent, talking to my friends and fighting a few times maybe. Watched the sky till dusk until ma called for me again. The next day when we reached that place again, our tent was burned, we had made a shoe rack with bricks that was broken, and all the grass around was black, full of ashes was what we could see, our first tent was burned by those people who lived there, but today when I meet those friends who helped me live my dream at that early age, I told them…

“Those people could burn the tent and our playing place but not the memories what we have today” 🙂


Featured Image: No copyright intended. The picture has been taken from google for representation purpose only.

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