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Death or Dignity

I've known a wounded lion and this is his life story, not a cliche Bollywood tale. What I'm trying to write is not inspired from the 90's films where the protagonist is the son of a gangster who falls in... Continue Reading →

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I’m afraid if I’ll ever be able to ask these questions to anyone but myself. 

I'm depressed. I'm not sure.  I don't understand why my mom put me down that day and never picked me up again. I try to ask her but she might never be able to tell me the reason, I'm afraid... Continue Reading →

I bought my daughter a new dress after two years

Yesterday, I was able to buy a new dress for my daughter after two years. While I handed sixty pieces of five taka note to the seller, he yelled at me by asking if I am a beggar. My daughter... Continue Reading →

Nobody should be lost

I'm a rare traveller, but for the last couple of months I've taken up transversing frequently between the stations of Kolkata and Siliguri. I've always learnt that a coin has two sides, and history has it whenever someone tried to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts out of the blue

I just met Nabby few hours ago, he's a new born baby, with a pinkish face and just like me- he likes to sleep all day.  We had a little talk and he seemed too active to jump into his... Continue Reading →

Nighty night. 

To the world that sleeps, To the sun that stares, To the river that flows, To the moon that reflects, To the heart that confines eternal love, To the bed bugs that bite,  I'm heading over to sleep, goodnight! 😂

Similarities of extraordinary power

Lately this month my brother bought me a book, The Unusual Billionaires, which read about investing in fifteen different Indian companies, of various sectors of the economy, solely because of the reasons as such the companies have succeeded in creating... Continue Reading →

Breaking hearts to breaking bones

I don’t know what’s the notion of crush to this young generation, but for me, she is the only one that comes to my mind. Every time that I see her pictures, I can’t help myself but pause and ponder... Continue Reading →

To my alter ego’s valentine

I've moved on, but the other me hasn't or couldn't; maybe. I asked him the reason. And he says, " Nothing matches her voice, Nothing I see is as beautiful as her eyes, Nothing synchronises her stupidness, And nothing comprehends... Continue Reading →

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